3 Benefits Provided by Christian Detox and Rehab

A growing substance abuse epidemic has resulted in the creation of rehab centers all over United States. The common one-size-fits all programs work for many, but some people need a more personal approach. With that in mind, caring specialists now offer christian detox and rehab which often succeeds where other options fail. It includes a women-centered program and a variety of treatment options. Aftercare services help clients continue making progress once treatments have ended.

Clients Can Choose Programs

A Christian substance abuse center focuses on individuals and helps them choose treatment options that meet their needs. Each client is carefully evaluated and professionals identify issues such as alcohol, heroin, suboxone, cocaine, oxycodone and meth addictions. Every patient is screened for physical and mental health issues. After thorough evaluations, those who qualify can begin medically-supervised detox. They generally receive medications to relieve symptoms like nausea and anxiety. Since detox alone is not enough for recovery, most enroll in 30-90 day programs or choose long-term rehab.

A Women’s Rehab Program Offers Unique Benefits

Women often do well at Christian rehab centers which address their needs. For example, many women who have been assaulted are not comfortable in groups which include men. Female-centered programs include groups where clients can address issues like parenting and working while caring for families. Treatments may also help to treat emotional, physical and mental issues that are unique to women. Long-term recovery is often easier for women who are able to freely talk about sensitive or deeply-buried issues around other women.

Aftercare Helps Ensure Progress

A Christian rehab program also includes aftercare that offers clients assistance once they complete detox and formal treatment programs. Patients attend regular group and personal counseling. They receive medical care and guidance that helps them improve their health through exercise and diet. Specialists assist them to integrate back into communities by attending church and family counseling sessions as well as working or attending school. They also learn life skills such as budgeting and developing personal responsibility.

Christian-centered rehab programs work for some people when other options fail. Centers offering the programs provide a range of treatment options that include women-centered treatments. Clients also do well because they receive aftercare that helps then get healthy and integrate back into communities.